Hello 2017!

It’s finally begun! A brand new year, and 365 glorious nights ahead of us. How many Wild Ones will you be having? 🙂

WON week 1 is under way! Keep an eye out for our first camp report, it’ll be coming out this week. – In the meantime, here’s a cryptic clue about where we’re hoping to be for week 1 – Any guesses?!


3 thoughts on “Hello 2017!

  1. Hmmm… maybe a camp in or near in a Potato Cave? My bet on that basis would be that you’ll be nearer Cuckoo Rock than Raddick Plantation. Could be Stannon Tor, though Mr Crossing may disagree? Might even be Merrivale Stone Row if it’s market day?


    1. That’s it! Spot on Rich, excellent clue cracking! (I’m very impressed!) The last blog we posted explains that there’s been a bit of a change of plan for this week – turns out the potato caves are fully booked out by the bats at this time of year, but we’ll be heading underground in May instead.


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