WON 17 Bike up!

  • Date: Tuesday 9th May
  • OSGrid: SX534637 (E253469, N063741)
  • Travel: 90mins by bike on the way and 50mins back!
  • Style: Bivvy Bags and Hammocks

With a whole host of camps now under our belts it seemed to be the ideal time to switch it up a bit and try something a little different. To keep up the momentum of having a different wild camp once a week for an entire year, variety in not just the locations, but the approach to the whole evening would have to keep changing. Enter WON #17- our first cycle camp! Unsurprisingly this meant we would be cycling from work to our camp location and then back again in the morning! This posed a number of new challenges, none more so than packing the correct kit. There’s only so much you can fit in your backpack and still be able to cycle, especially when the route to Dartmoor is one continuous uphill climb. 18553645_10154527512448314_197316568_o

This blog seems like a good opportunity to talk about the sort of kit you’d need for a Wild One Nighter, so we’ll get on to that in a moment. The evening itself was brilliant and I hugely recommend anyone who has access to camp equipment and a bike, to combine the two together. We left work around about 6 O’clock in the evening and then slowly made our way to Dewerstone where we would spend the night. It took about an hour and a half with a few stops along the way for photos.

As it was such a nice evening, we chose to include riding through Saltram park, which at this time of year, was just stunning. The combination of brightly coloured flowers, wild garlic and the green hue of sunlight coming through the tunnel of leaves was sensational. Even if you’re not up for camping, its a great place to visit. After a quick stop to get some food at Sainsburys, we joined the Plym Valley trail all the way to Dewerstone carpark.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 11.14.06.pngDewerstone is an excellent place to visit, whether you’re walking, climbing, just having an evening barbecue or in our case, staying the night. We followed the path up to just below the top of the Tor, where large boulders poked out above the canopy of the treetops. The perfect place to sit and chill out. 18516839_10154527557608314_1223121500_o

We set up with a couple of hammocks between trees and a bivvy bag on the ground.18553231_10154527513673314_948022082_o

The Tor doesn’t make for a bad sunset either…


So what did we take on this trip? These are the essentials we had to take on this trip. If you wanted to do this sort of thing, for a night like this you don’t need to have the greatest equipment ever made. Most of the normal camping/ outdoors kit will do just fine!

A bike and helmet- with us we had a mountain bike and a road bike. Both worked fine and had their benefits.

A backpack– ours ranged from 32L to about 70L. Totally depends on how much stuff and how big your stuff is. I didn’t want to carry a lot on my bike so I packed as little as I could.

Something to sleep in– this trip Stu and Paul were in hammocks and I had a bivvy bag. Both great if you’re staying somewhere near trees and you don’t have a lot of space for a tent.

Roll mat and sleeping bag– It’s now May so not too chilly! I took my cotton sleeping bag liner but was too hot in the night.

Two stoves and a two sets of pots between us- Don’t forget to bring cutlery.

Food! Fresh pasta and a sauce is easy to do. Even easier is soup! Some bread to dunk and some tasty afters never go amiss!

A lighter

Clothing- On the cycle I just wore shorts and a t-shirt. I brought a jumper, coat and a pair of fleece walking trousers for the evening. A hat and scarf are also great. For this trip, it was nothing fancy just normal stuff.

A camera- The evening will be brilliant and you’ll want to have lots of memories to look back on.

We’ll post a full kit list of everything we take on each trip in a separate blog post in the upcoming days, but for now, this is pretty much everything you need. Its fun to do and like (most) other weeks, we had a great camp at Dewerstone. In fact, some of us slept so well, they were the last one up… again…


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