The Wild One Nighters team is a family of three. Find out a little more about each of us on this page!


Hi! I made this site 🙂


What does Wild One Nighters mean to you?  Seeing the familiar in an unfamiliar way. Too many travelling tales are about the very opposite – experiencing the unfamiliar in a familiar way. I’m really keen to use it as an opportunity to do some work around homelessness too; awareness, fundraising, or maybe even a bit of both.

Of all the nights in the project, are there any you’re particularly excited to do? Oh my goodness, such a tough choice! There are quite a few things in the final 52 which have been in my to-do list for a LONG time! Particular favourites? – The Old Potato Caves? The Badger Holt Stakeout? The Ghost Ship? – It’s so hard to choose just one!

Other than WONing, what else do you get up to? I’m a bit of a dreamer. I spend a lot of time watching films and imagining adventures.I like playing outside on my bike, improvising the odd pirate jig on the harmonica, cooking apple pie and wandering around charity shops. Oh! and my day job – which rocks! (I love my job!)


Hi! I’m Paul. You can find me online at #Paul!


What does Wild One Nighters mean to you? Wild One Nighters are a chance to make the most of my evenings! I love getting outside and exploring cool natural places but I’m guilty of mostly sticking to a few big multi-day adventures every year. Now I’m not going to stop with the big stuff, but I’m really excited to get out more regularly, especially as it isn’t taking over my weekends. In fact, it feels like I’m getting extra time out of nowhere!

Of all the nights in the project, are there any you’re particularly excited to do? Anything in a hammock! I’m a recent convert to hammocks and relish every opportunity to get into one! I don’t think it’s possible to be more comfortable than swinging in a hammock on a summer afternoon, although we’re based in the UK so a sunny afternoon may be asking a little much!

Other than WONing, what else do you get up to? I’m a big board games fan. Especially if I can spend the evening surrounded by friends, beers, and a particularly tough co-op game. I think they’re a great way to spend time with people because they’re all about interacting with each other, and often throw you into situations you normally wouldn’t see your friends and family in. Who knew my Dad would be so calm under fire from aliens!


Hi! I’m Joe – Although some people mistake me for a young time-travelling Chuck Norris


What does Wild One Nighters mean to you?  I would totally be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy sleeping in a warm cosy bed. But every so often the magic of waking somewhere new, whether it be to the silence of the empty countryside or the crashing or the crashing of a cascading river, is just too much to pass up. Once you’ve thrown in the added bonus of first sunlight, morning frost and crisp air, I can’t see a better way to start the day. Life is too fast; this is my favourite way to breathe.

Of all the nights in the project, are there any you’re particularly excited to do? Anything that involves an island! With only me and a few friends it’s the best chance I’ll ever have to be king of my own island – even if it’s just for a night! In addition, being near water is without a doubt, my happy place.

Other than WONing, what else do you get up to? Usually I’m being persuaded to take part in crazy adventures by friends!! (It’s okay, they’re great). If the weather is good, then anything outside! Diving, paddleboarding and kayaking are all favourites of mine and I love a good day out at the beach. Living in the South West I have the best of both worlds and enjoy walking across Dartmoor. Evenings are usually spent chilling with friends, family or the good old TV.


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