WON 17 Bike up!

Date: Tuesday 9th May OSGrid: SX534637 (E253469, N063741) Travel: 90mins by bike on the way and 50mins back! Style: Bivvy Bags and Hammocks With a whole host of camps now under our belts it seemed to be the ideal time to switch it up a bit and try something a little different. To keep up the momentum of … More WON 17 Bike up!

WON 15 Pew and I

Location: Pew Tor Date: Wednesday 19th April OSGrid: SX532734 (E253200, N073400) Travel: 35 minutes car, 10 minutes walk Style: Bivvy Bags Pew Tor hits the milestone of being night number 15. That puts it roughly somewhere between being over a quarter, but not quite a third of the way through the project. As a mini milestone we headed back … More WON 15 Pew and I

WON 13 – Ayrmer High

Location: Ayrmer Cove Date: Wednesday 5th April OSGrid: SX640445 (E264081, N045542) Travel: 45 minute drive, 10 minute hike Style: Tent & bivi Introduction Ayrmer Cove (pronounced ‘aimer cove’) is one of 33 beaches that lie within the boundaries of the South Devon AONB – a 337 square kilometre area designated in 1960 as an ‘Area of Outstanding … More WON 13 – Ayrmer High

Won11 – Park Life

Location: Central Park, Plymouth Date: Thursday 23rd March OSGrid: SX471563 (E247122 N056314) Travel: 20 minute walk Style: Tent Introduction This week, neither Joe nor Paul were going to be available – Paul on a training course up country, and Joe about to embark on a three week holiday across the world! Meanwhile, I was just going about my … More Won11 – Park Life